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NEW ARRIVAL: Ubriaco al Vino Rosso - Italy

A firm, “drunken” cheese made by Latteria di Moro in Veneto, Italy. The cheese is submerged for two months in red wine and must, and then aged for a further six to ten months. The result is a cheese that has absorbed the flavours of the wine, and is balanced by smooth, savoury flavours. The rind gets a bright red colour from the wine bath.

Naturally pairs with an Italian red wine!

NEW ARRIVAL: Buffalo Asiago

This cheese is made exclusively from Ontario Buffalo milk just outside of Toronto, and is white in colour with a really mild, creamy flavour. Very comparable to cheddar.

Pair this with your favourite light beer or sparkling wine.

Available by weight, $5.90/100g

NEW ARRIVAL: Buffalo Caciocavallo

Made exclusively from Ontario Buffalo milk just outside of Toronto, this cheese is based on the classic Italian recipe. It's light, fresh with a mild barnyard flavour, and is very comparable to buffalo mozzarella.


Available by piece, $9.99 each (200g)

Old Amsterdam Gouda

Old Amsterdam is a premium aged gouda made from cow’s milk. It has a firm texture, deep colour and smooth, rich and robust flavour with tasting notes of browned butter and caramel. Old Amsterdam is aged for twenty-four months and maintains a creamy texture with flecks of tyrosine crystals, also known as cheese diamonds, throughout. Gouda cheese, in general, is named after the town of Gouda, located in the South Holland province of The Netherlands, and has been a center of trade for farmers and cheesemakers for centuries.

Pairs best with a full-bodied Cabernet or a full-bodied Stout.

Sold by weight, $7.00/100g

Tania - Tuscan Style Sheep Cheese, Lenberg Farms, Ontario

Coming from Lindsay, Ontario, this lovely sheep milk cheese is an award winning Tuscan Style cheese with a sweet and nutty flavour. Aged for six months, the cheese has a semi-firm, smooth, and slightly crumbly texture while maintaining its creamy, mellow yet somewhat piquant taste with earthy undertones.

Pairs beautifully with a medium to full bodied red wine.

Sold by weight, $7.90/100g

Lankaaster Gouda, Ontario

Another one of the cheeses we had when we first opened, Lankaaster is a lovely medium Gouda-style cheese with a very typical Gouda flavour profile. This cheese is shaped in a loaf to express the fact that it is meant to be sliced and eaten directly on bread as the Dutch farmers do!

Pairs best with an Ontario Pinot Noir or fruity beer!

Sold by weight, $8.20/100g

Smoked Cheddar, Creel & Gambrel, Ontario

Upping the ante once again, Creel & Gambrel Two Year Old Smoked Cheddar has a signature cheddar flavour which is sweet and nutty, accompanied by a pleasant sharpness. Nothing short of a masterpiece, this beautiful cheese is cold-smoked over applewood chips which adds a smooth smoky taste to its exclusive flavour profile. Like our other cheddars, our Two-Year-Old Smoked Cheddar is made exclusively from 100% Canadian cow’s milk in order to support Canadian dairy farmers.

Best served with ales, lagers, or dark/amber beers.

Sold by weight, $5.80/100g

Mattagami - Fromagerie Kapuskoise, Ontario

Mattagami is a firm, crumbly cheese produced up north in Kapuskasing. The cheesemaker was inspired by Cantal, an ancient French cheese that has its roots in the Roman empire. Aged for 1 year, this cheese is salty, rich and meaty in flavour with lots of umami. Try using it in place of Cheddar or Parmigiano Reggiano for a departure from the usual.

Pairs best with bold, tannic red wines.


Sold by weight, $10.30/100g

Cacio di Bosco al Tartufo (Truffle Pecorino) - Italy

One of the first cheeses Flight carried, Cacio di Bosco al Tartufo is one of the finest Tuscan pecorino made from both sheep's and cow's milk and has tiny specks dark truffles scattered throughout its friable pate. The taste is a beautiful balance of the sweet, nutty, nearly caramelized pasteurised sheep's milk against the delicate aroma of truffle.

This cheese is stunning grated over pizza, pasta or salad, and pairs best with your favourite Italian wines, ideally red.

Sold by weight, $13.50/100g

Kaiser Raclette - Quebec

In keeping with his Swiss heritage, Mr. Fritz Kaiser is a master of Raclette cheese-making. This beautiful cheese is a semi-soft, surface-ripened cheese that is aged for approximately 8 weeks. It has a subtle flavour of hazelnut, with notes of milk and butter. It's name originates from the French word 'racler', meaning 'to scrape', which is a reference to scraping the melted cheese from the wheel, onto potatoes. To see a video, click here!

Not necessarily meant to be on a cheese board, try Raclette as a fondue or melted on your favourite dishes alongside a dry White wine.

Sold by weight, $5.30/100g

Celtic Blue Reserve - Ontario

Bronze winner in the 2013 Global Cheese Awards, Blue Vein Cheese, Hard category; Celtic Blue is a soft, creamy, blue cheese, with delicate blue veining and a limestone coloured natural rind, which is cultivated using specific ripening cultures. Produced in South Glengarry Township on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River; Celtic Blue is pressed into a basket-weave molds and then aged for two to three months which gives the cheese its non-aggressive, mild flavour and buttery aroma.

Pairs best with icewine, sweet red wine, Sherry or Port.

Sold by weight, $9.85/100g

Baluchon Pre-Packs, Quebec

Named Best Canadian Cheese in 2014 at the Canadian Cheese Awards, this organic, semi-soft cheese with a washed rind is made with pasteurized milk and ripened for 45 days. Under its orange, sticky rind you'll find an ivory coloured paste with a melt-in-your-mouth texture and mild, earthy aromas of butter and herbs. This cheese also has notes of hazelnut, cream, and a slight clove aftertaste. Slightly acidic and salty, but not bitter.

Baluchon has been made since 2004, and its name means "backpack" in French. It was given its name because its creators wanted the cheese to have its place at every table, just like a seasoned world traveller.

Sold in pre-packaged pieces, 145g for $8.99

White Stilton with Mango & Ginger, UK

Firm, yet crumbly, this English cheese is loaded with sweet mango and ginger. The slight 'cheddar' notes of the cheese are a perfect balance with the sweet fruit flavour. Very easy to eat, a perfect after dinner cheese with a glass of white wine.

Pairs well with dark chocolate as part of a dessert board, or with a light, off-dry rosé such as White Zinfandel.

Sold by weight, $7.50/100g

Cashel Blue - Ireland

When Louis & Jane Grubb set out to make Cashel Blue® in the early 1980’s, their ambition was to create a farmhouse cheese that “truly represents the outstanding quality of Tipperary grass-fed milk.” Today, Cashel Blue® is still made by hand on the same 200 acre farm; Beechmount, in Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

Depending on the age, Cashel Blue texture varies from chalky to soft yellow paste and a characteristic bluish green mould. Young cheeses taste & smell chalky, lactic and mildly blue while the older ones are rich & buttery with a well-formed blue colour. Over 18 weeks of maturing, the cheese takes on a robust flavour and is granular in texture. It is one of the finest blue cheeses that relies on it's balance in taste, texture and aroma.

Pair Cashel Blue with a Connemara Whiskey, a zingy Riesling, or a stout.

Sold by weight, $12.20/100g

Jalapeno Peppercorn Cheddar - Creel & Gambrel, Ontario

Creel & Gambrel Jalapeño Peppercorn Cheddar takes rich Ontario cheddar and elevates it to new levels by adding a medley of real Jalapeño peppers and red peppercorns for an irresistible spicy flavor. Pressed into blocks for aging, this savoury cheddar cheese is easy to shred, slice, or cut into cubes.

Creel & Gambrel Jalapeño Peppercorn Cheddar is a mandatory ingredient for any Tex-Mex cuisine, while other popular uses include slicing for burgers, melting for sauces, and making spicy cheddar dips for appetizers.

Pairs best with an oaked white wine or a Cabernet Sauvignon.

Sold in pre-packs, 250g pieces for $8.49

Kapuskasing - Fromagerie Kapuskoise, Ontario

Named after the town in which the cheese is made, Kapuskasing (kah-pus-kay-sing) is based off of Morbier cheese from France. This cheese has a beautiful layer of vegetable ash in the center of the wheel, which is a classic cheesemaking technique from the Jura region in France. Cheesemaker Francois Nadeau was travelling in Asia, where cheese is scarce, and decided he wanted to pursue cheesemaking so he would never have to go without it. His new found passion brought him to Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec for basic training, and then to France for more in depth training. Morbier, the cheese Kapuskasing is based on, was born from the by-products of Comte. Traditionally, cheesemakers would take the leftover curd from the morning milking and cover them with ashes to preserve them, and then did the same thing with the afternoon curd and pressed the cheese into Morbier. The cheese was so delicious, it is now produced with its own dedicated source of milk, but with the layer of ash in the middle to preserve the tradition.

Sold by weight, $8.70/100g

Red Leicester - UK

Red Leicester is a hard cow's milk cheese with a crumbly, dense texture and warm caramel flavour. The cheese is reddish-orange in colour, derived from annato, a natural, tasteless colouring agent that is very common in orange cheddars. The cheese is named after the city of Leicester, and it's been in production for centuries.

Serve as a part of a cheeseboard, grate into recipes that need a pop of colour, or enjoy next to your favourite IPA or wheat beer.

Sold by weight, $4.30/100g

5 Year Aged Cheddar - Ontario

Another local favourite! Our 5 Year Aged Cheddar is not your average cheddar. Beautifully aged, this cheese is tangy with crystals, crumbles (but not too much!) and will accentuate any typical cheese pairing you can think of.

Pair with your favourite wine - red or white - and enjoy alongside some fruit or jellies.

Sold by weight, $5.80/100g

In-Flight Features

Don't want to commit to a full piece of cheese in case you don't like it?

Problem solved!

In-Flight Features is a small box that has 6 different types of cheeses in it, which means you can try something new without the chance of wasting food and saving money!

In Flight Features are $19 (HST included) and are currently done by request only. Due to lowered demand, we won't have any pre-made for walk-in purchases, but take only about 10 minutes to put together. Contact us for more info or to order!

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As delicious as great cheese is on its own, sometimes it's nice to have a little something extra to go with it!

These are the different accompaniments Flight Cheese Shop is currently offering.

For information on food/drink pairing or how to decide what to put on a charcuterie board, check out our resource pages!

Ines Rosales Tortas (Spain)

Inés Rosales's olive oil torta is an emblematic product of Seville. Between savory and sweet with a touch of anise, following the exact same recipe that Inés Rosales Cabello recovered in 1910.

Each olive oil torta is made by hand and individually wrapped in special wax paper. They are unique because they are the only cakes that use premium quality virgin olive oil, which is a staple of the Mediterranean diet and has been recently recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Made by hand, one by one, each torta is unique and one-of-a-kind thanks to the delicate hands that shape them.

Flight offers Rosemary & Thyme and Sesame Sea Salt flavours.

6 tortas per package, $6.99

Sweety Drop Peppers (Peru)

Not only are they adorable, Sweety Drop Peppers are incredibly delicious!

Also known as Incan Red Drops, these small, tear-shaped peppers grow in the Highlands of Peru and have a sugar-like sweetness to them. They have a fantastic balance between sweet, sour, and spicy and are a perfect topping for salads, pizzas, pastas or even in baked goods!

Can be purchased by weight.

34° Crisps (USA)

If you've read our Charcuterie Guide, you'll know that the best way to show off a cheese is to have a mild cracker to go with it! These crisps are fantastic for showcasing your cheeses, because they're very thin, crisp, and tasty without being too flashy.

So light. So crunchy. So addicting.

Currently carrying Peppercorn and Whole Wheat flavours.

Sold in 127g packages, $8.99

Snowdonia Chutneys (UK)

Handcrafted in traditional copper pans, Snowdonia chutneys are a fantastic accompaniment to your favourite cheeses. Slightly sweet, sticky and scrumptious, you won't be disappointed by these spreads!

Snowdonia's website claims that these chutneys are suitable for people who are vegetarian, vegan, celiac and do not contain nuts (however there are nuts processed in the same facility). For more information, visit their website.

Currently carrying Balsamic Caramelized Onion and Pear, Date, Cognac flavours.

114g jars for $7.49

Dried Saucissons Sec (Mini) with Espelette Peppers - France

Le Batistou saucisson come from the finest cuts, made with a combination of belly, shoulder, back fat, and tip of the ham.

Stuffed only in natural pork and beef casings. Made and produced in the Loire valley, France.

Perfect accompaniment for your favourite cheeses!

Sold by weight, $9.80/100g

Carr's Table Water Crackers - UK

These thin, crispy crackers are the perfect cheese cracker! Mild in flavour, Carr's Table Water Crackers are an excellent accompaniment for your favourite cheeses.

125g package for $4.49