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Updated May 15th, 2023

New Arrival: A cheese that hasn't been sold at Flight before

Return (to) Flight: A cheese that we've had before and is now back


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I'm keeping my busiest days hours the same, but during the week I'll now be open 12-7pm to work better for your cheesy needs!!

This will be a trial for a few months to see how it goes. Let me know what hours would work best for you so I can adjust in the future if needed!! 

RETURN (t0) FLIGHT: Ubriaco al Prosecco - Veneto, Italy

Ubriaco al Prosecco is made from cow's milk, made by Moro Latteria di Moro Sergio, in Veneto, Italy. It's a firmer cheese with a pleasant sharpness and bright, fruity flavour profile. 

Affectionately called as "drunken cheese", the cheese is bathed in gallons of sparkling Prosecco wine along with skins, seeds, and leftovers from the winemaking process to extract the unique sweet, delicate aroma of the wine and complex flavours. The cheese is immersed for about two months and then aged for about 6 months, while the flavours of the wine & cheese develop even further. The fresh and elegantly salted cheese are best served in crumbles or thin shavings and alongside a glass of Prosecco (duh! )

Sold by weight, $9.50/100g

NEW ARRIVAL: Chateau de Bourgogne aux Truffes - France

Man oh man is this one a treat for you truffle lovers!

The Queen of Bries is back with a layer of truffle cream throughout the center paste. Chateau de Bourgogne is a triple cream brie with sweet, salty, acidic, and savoury flavours that just melt in your mouth with the creamiest of creamy textures! When paired with the lovely layer of truffles, there's no way this cheese WOULDN'T be the first to go on a cheese board! Perfect as a Mother's Day gift, too!

Sold in 200g wheels individually, $29.99 each. 

NEW ARRIVAL: Pecorino with Chamomile Flowers - Italy

 Award-winning Pecorino Camomilla is the result of Paolo Farabegoli’s unflagging devotion to recreating and perfecting his grandmother’s sheep’s milk cheeses that were aged in pine boxes of fresh cut chamomile. This helped to preserve the cheese while it aged and also infused the cheese with its heady floral scent and gentle flavor. This one-of-a-kind pecorino is made from the milk from Comisana, Lacaune and Sarda sheep in the Emilio Romagna region of Italy. After aging for 2 months, Camomilla is ready.  This stunning cheese has an incredible aroma of hay and chamomile. Once opened, the semi-soft wonder has hints of herbal sweetness and fresh cut apples.

• Winner of 5 World Cheese  Awards, including Gold in 2018-2019.

• Made from pasteurized sheep's milk

Sold by weight, $9.00/100g or $35 for the entire 500g wheel

RETURN (t0) FLIGHT: MountainOak Gouda with Nettles - Ontario

It's spring time! And very few things scream SPRING to me than a light, herby cheese! This is a young Gouda from Mountain Oak Gouda in New Hamburg, Ontario flavoured with Wild Stinging Nettles. When growing strong, nettles have microscopic hairs that contain an acid that can give you a rash or irritated skin. When nettles are cooked, however, that acid disappears and we're left with a light, delicious herb! Its flavour is somewhere in between spinach and parsley, and is a lovely compliment to this cheese. 

Try it melted, on a salad, or solo on a cheese board!

Sold individually in 225g pieces, $15.99

NEW ARRIVAL: Chabichou d'Antan - France

A classic Loire-valley lactic goat cheese, Chabichou has origins with the Arab communities who settled with their goat herds in the region centuries ago. The rind is decorated with distinctive geotricum mould, which makes the cheese look like a brain, and the paste is lactic and ranging from chalky to smooth and creamy depending on its level of maturity. The flavour is fresh, lactic and slightly citrusy with a hint of classic goat flavour. 

Sold in $19.99

RETURN (t0) FLIGHT: Tomme de Savoie - France

Tomme de Savoie is a raw cow's milk cheese and is actually made from skim milk instead of full fat milk or cream! They skim off the cream to make butter, giving this cheese quite a low fat content, coming in somewhere between 25-40%. But don't let that fool you - this cheese is semi-soft and has a similar texture to a young double cream Brie!

It's a natural rinded cheese, which gives it a really exciting appearance but also a fantastic flavour profile. It's earthy, mushroom-y, slightly salty but still quite fresh tasting. Really great paired with a light red wine or used in place of Raclette. Yum!

Sold by weight, $8.79/100g

RETURN (t0) FLIGHT: Scamorza Affumicata - Italy 

This adorable little guy is Scamorza Affumicata - technically translated to “smoked cheese”, this one definitely packs more of a punch than its name suggests! Scamorza is a stretched curd cheese, not unlike mozzarella, but with a little bit of a different production process. The curds of scamorza are cut much smaller than those for mozzarella, which doesn’t let it hold on to as much moisture. This cheese is on the firmer side, and smoked over certified wood chips, giving it its strong & smokey flavour. When you use this cheese in a recipe, it almost lends a bacon-like flavour to your dish — salty, smokey, meaty, but with the texture of mozzarella. AMAZING on pizza or in an omelette, this is a fantastic cheese to keep in your fridge for cooking!

I received one of these as a gift from my supplier for Christmas, and when I tell you I savoured every little bit of it… I savoured. Every. Last. Bite. YUM!

Sold in 270g balls, $16.99 each

RETURN (t0) FLIGHT: Creel & Gambrel Smoked Cheddar - Ontario

This lovely smoked cheddar is made with pasteurized cow's milk and aged for two years before being smoked over Applewood to give it its signature sweet & nutty flavour with a pleasant sharpness. Best enjoyed with ales, lagers or smoked beers. 

Sold by weight, $6.20/100g 

NEW ARRIVAL: Tete a Papineau - Quebec

Coming from Fromagerie Montebello in Montebello, QC, this is a funky washed rind cheese with a savoury, almost cheddary vibe. It's aged for 60 days and has a characteristic sticky orange rind that has flavours of creme fraiche, salted butter, hazelnuts with a clean, yet sharp flavour. It's on the milder side of the funky cheese realm, and would make a wicked steak and cheese sandwich! It's made with pastuerized cow's milk and its name makes reference to a common French expression, "ca ne prend pas la tete a Papineau", meaning that you don't need to be as smart as Louis-Joseph Papineau to understand a situation! 

Sold by weight, $11.29/100g 

NEW ARRIVAL: Macpherson de l'Isle - Quebec

Here at Flight Cheese Shop, we love all cheeses, but especially those with a vein of vegetable ash through the center! Macpherson de l'Isle is a washed rind cheese with a semi-soft texture. Its flavour is slightly sweet and creamy with a subtle funk throughout the rind. To me, it feels like if-Quebec-made-Morbier-it-would-be-this. Really enjoyable cheese to eat!

Named after James MacPherson LeMoine (1825-1912) who was one of the nobles who left their mark on Isle-aux-Grues. He was a strong advocate for an environment where French Canadians and English Canadians could coexist happily, without political or religious strife, and the layer of ash through the center of the cheese is representative of the harmonious cohabitation of the two peoples. 

Sold by weight, $11.29/100g 

RETURN(to) FLIGHT: Buffalo Mozzarella - Pont Reale, Campagnia, Italy

Everyone knows that fresh Italian cheeses are fantastic, but truly, this one has easily impressed me the most. This Buffalo Mozzarella comes from Campagnia, Italy and is made with whole buffalo milk. It has such a full flavour for a mild cheese, and its texture is almost airy - so soft and absolutely melts in your mouth. Perfect for salads, pizzas, or just enjoying on its own with some fresh tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. 

Buffalo milk's proteins and fats are super easy for our bodies to digest while still having a relatively low caloric content. The buffalo roam on part of the Matese Regional Park protected lands, at the border between Campania and Molise regions. Ponte Reale has made it their mission to provide extremely high quality cheeses while respecting the land, the animals, and the traditions. 

*Expiry date is May 14 - giving them away until they're gone!*

Sold in 125g wheels, $12.99 each

Ciambella Trifulo - Italy

Truffle lovers, this one's for you! Made with raw cow's milk, this cheese is speckled with summer truffles from the region. The cheese is made with the Kinara Method, meaning that instead of using animal or synthetic rennet, La Fattorie Fiandino (the producer) uses a special flower from a wild thistle to make the cheese - meaning this one is 100% vegetarian! The cheese is semi-firm, with a melt-in-your-mouth, smooth and luxurious texture. The flavour of the truffles is prominent, but complimented by the subtle earthiness of the cheese. Ciambella is a traditional Piedmontese breakfast cake that's shaped like a Bundt cake, and the name of this cheese is inspired by the cake!

Sold by weight, $14.90/100g 

Bonnechere - Back40 - Mississippi Station, ON

The rugged Bonnechere River and the mysterious Bonnechere Caves are unique landmarks of the Ottawa Valley. A distinct feature of our Bonnechere is the rind that is toasted over an open flame before aging. This painstaking process, traditional for certain Basque cheeses, imparts a delicious caramel essence which permeates the body of the cheeses as it ages, and provides a delicious contrast to the tangy and fruity body of the cheese. Pairs best with Pinot Noir, dark Ale or smoked beers.

Sold by weight, $9.00/100g

Only ~500g available

Back 40 Swiss Style - Mississippi Station, ON

This is a super delicious sheeps milk swiss style cheese from Back40 Cheeses in Mississippi Station, ON. Officially, it's unnamed because this is one of only a handful of wheels that I am super fortunate to be one of the first people EVER to receive and carry it!

This cheese falls into the Alpine cheese flavour profiles - it's nutty and smooth with an addicting bite that would be AMAZING on a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich or melted onto French Onion Soup... if it can make it long enough to be used in your recipe without being eaten first!! It has a stunning natural rind to protect the firm inner goodness, and is super delicious with strawberries or grapes. It's made with sheeps milk instead of the "typical" cows milk for alpine style, which gives this cheese an extra layer of flavour that is unbelievably scrumptious.

If you're a fan of cheeses like Appenzeller, Gruyere, Wrangeback or Emmental, this is definitely an incredible choice for you!

Sold by weight, $11.00/100g

Chateau de Bourgogne - France

Sometimes known as The Cadillac of Bries, it's pretty hard to find something that can improve this delicious cheese. From the region of Burgundy in France, this bloomy-rind, triple-cream brie will blow you away! The rind of this cheese is typical of a brie, a bit on the thicker side with a puffy, white rind, but the inner paste is almost like a savoury whipped cream - buttery, slightly salty, slightly sweet and absolutely scrumptious! Enjoy this cheese spread on a flavourful cracker with some of your favourite spreads, or solo! Pairs well with sparkling wine, dry Riesling, Pinot Grigio or Viognier.

Sold in 200g wheels, $19.99 each

Old Amsterdam Gouda - Netherlands

This lovely Gouda comes from just outside the town of Gouda in the Netherlands, and is aged for at least 2 years. It has a rich, caramel/brown butter flavour and is spotted with tyrosine crystals (also lovingly referred to as “Cheese Diamonds”) which give this creamy cheese a delicious crunch! Following the typical flavour profile of a mature Gouda, this is a fantastic choice for those who like firmer and sharper cheeses that don't veer too far from normal.  Definitely a cheese to pair with your favourite red wines.

Sold in 200g packages, $15.99 each

Beurre d'Isigny Demi-Sale - France

Perhaps not the splurge for everyone, I thought it would be fun to bring in a special butter for the holiday season, and it sold out so fast I decided to bring it in again!! 

This BUTTER (not cheese, but butter!!!) is a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) butter from Isigny-sur-Mer in the North West of France, and is unlike any other butter you likely would have had before. It has a buttercup yellow colour and slightly hazelnutty flavour profile, and has followed a slow, traditional fermentation process that helps it develop its distinctive aromas and flavours. 

What makes this butter different than the butter you're used to? A few things -- the Isigny region has a warm and humid climate, and is close in proximity to the ocean and marshes. The cows, therefore, feed on grass that is rich in iodine, beta-carotene and micronutrients, giving the butter its own unique flavour! This butter is 100% natural, and has a fat content of at least 82% (for reference, Canadian butter is only 80%) with tons of Vitamin A and E. This butter contains no artificial flavours, preservatives or colouring. This butter also goes through a special production process called tourage that gives it a malleable yet firm texture, and is favoured by French pastry chefs when making light & airy puff pastries and crispy baked goods with buttery flavour! 

For more information on this particular butter, visit the Isigny website here.

Sold in 250g baskets, $27.99 each

Picobello - Netherlands

Picobello is a super interesting Dutch cheese with an Italian name! Rumoured to be a Gouda that's inspired by Parmigiano Reggiano, this cheese is an ultra-delicious one that's great for snacking. Chock full of tyrosine crystals (aka cheese diamonds), the texture of this cheese is perfectly balanced between slightly creamy and crunchy/crumbly with the abundance of crystals. Picobello has the characteristic flavour of a Gouda - creamy, caramelly, butterscotchy goodness - with the texture of a well aged Italian cheese!

Sold by weight, $9.00/100g 

Shropshire Blue - UK 

Shropshire Blue is a blue cheese made from pasteurized cows' milk and uses vegetable rennet. It's orange colour comes from the addition of annatto, a natural food colouring, and has a moderate amount of blue veining. It tastes much like a cheddar cheese with a hint of blue, and uses the same recipe as Stilton blue, giving it a familiar but unique flavour profile. This cheese is perfect for snacking or on salads, and pairs beautifully with any red wine.

Sold by weight, $10.50/100g 

Guinness Cheddar - Ireland 

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than with an Irish cheddar with Guinness! This lovely cheese is a mature Irish cheddar that is marbled with Guinness beer to give it its stunning appearance! The cheese is slightly sweet and malty with a caramel undertone, and pairs perfectly with your favourite dark beers. Even if you're not a huge fan of dark beers (or Guinness specifically), the veining isn't too overwhelming. I've even had a few people tell me that they enjoy the cheese even though they hate the beer!

I know the label says Irish Porter, but the ingredients list does actually say Guinness!!! (Proof Here). 

Sold by weight, $9.95/100g

Saganash - Ontario

This is a decadent, firm sheeps milk cheese from Fromagerie Kapuskoise in Kapuskasing, Ontario. It's just the right amount of salty and earthy, with a very distinct rich, umami-forward flavour. Not only is it great in place of a Pecorino for cooking, this is a 10/10 cheese for snacking, grating, or shaving!

Sold by weight, $10.50/100g

Godminster Heart Cheddars - UK

This deliciously melt-in-the-mouth cheddar cheese is made to a traditional 90-year-old recipe and matured for up to 12 months, at which point Godminster selects the very best cheese to be made into one of their award-winning truckles. This heart-shaped Vintage Bruton Beauty cheese has a rich depth of flavour with a smooth texture that’s irresistibly delicious and will make you come back for more!  

Sold in 200g heart shaped wheels, $18.99 each

Le Fleurmier de Charlevoix - Quebec

Fleurmier is a typical soft cheese with a bloomy rind of the Camembert type. The milk comes from the Gouffre valley in Baie-Saint-Paul. It’s rich and velvety paste has a fruity and nutty flavor without any aftertaste. Its texture improves with age and its taste develops without bitterness. Its name comes from the words fleur meaning bloom and fermier – meaning farmer!

Sold in 200g wheels, $16.99 each

Creel & Gambrel 5 Year Aged Cheddar - Ontario

Another local favourite! Our 5 Year Aged Cheddar is not your average cheddar. Beautifully aged, this cheese is tangy with crystals, crumbles (but not too much!) and will accentuate any typical cheese pairing you can think of. 

Pair with your favourite wine - red or white - and enjoy alongside some fruit or jellies.  

Sold by weight, $5.80/100g 

Kapuskasing Chevre - Ontario

One of my best sellers is Kapuskasing from Fromagerie Kapuskoise, up North in (you guessed it) Kapuskasing, Ontario. I've been eyeing the goats milk version (top) for quite a while, and decided 2024 is the year we try it out!

This cheese is slightly more tart than the "original" Kapuskasing (bottom), with the familiar light, salty, creamy flavour we know and love with its signature layer of vegetable ash throughout the center. Works beautifully in a salad or accompanied with fresh fruit, but can also stand its own on a cheese board. 

Goats milk is known for having a considerably lower amount of lactose than cows milk, so many people with lactose intolerance are able to tolerate goats cheeses without any issues! 

Sold by weight, $8.70/100g 

Cow's Creamery 2017 Reserve Cheddar - PEI

Aged for an impressive 6 years, this delicious PEI cheddar is a real treat for the holidays! The recipe for this cheddar comes from the Orkney Islands, just north of Mainland Scotland, yet this particular cheese has its very own unique flavour profile. The salty air and iron-rich soil of PEI give this aged cheddar a rich and full-bodied flavour with a tangy bite. The milk for this cheese is thermalized - not pasteurized - to give an even more complex depth of flavour. 

Perfect choice for a gift or to serve on a holiday cheese board!

Sold by weight, $8.00/100g

Kapuskasing - Fromagerie Kapuskoise, Ontario

Named after the town in which the cheese is made, Kapuskasing (kah-pus-kay-sing) is based off of Morbier cheese from France. This cheese has a beautiful layer of vegetable ash in the center of the wheel, which is a classic cheesemaking technique from the Jura region in France. Cheesemaker Francois Nadeau was travelling in Asia, where cheese is scarce, and decided he wanted to pursue cheesemaking so he would never have to go without it. His new found passion brought him to Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec for basic training, and then to France for more in depth training. Morbier, the cheese Kapuskasing is based on, was born from the by-products of Comte. Traditionally, cheesemakers would take the leftover curd from the morning milking and cover them with ashes to preserve them, and then did the same thing with the afternoon curd and pressed the cheese into Morbier. The cheese was so delicious, it is now produced with its own dedicated source of milk, but with the layer of ash in the middle to preserve the tradition. 

Sold by weight, $8.70/100g 

In-Flight Features

Don't want to commit to a full piece of cheese in case you don't like it? 

Problem solved! 

In-Flight Features is a small box that has 6 different types of cheeses in it, which means you can try something new without the chance of wasting food and saving money! 

In Flight Features have two sizes: 

Small for $19 (HST included) to serve 1-2 people (~200g - pictured, 4-6 bites of each cheese)

Large for $25 (HST included) to serve 2-3 people (~300g, 8-10 bites of each cheese)

Due to lowered demand, we won't have any pre-made for walk-in purchases, but take only about 10 minutes to put together, or they can be preordered here.

*Note - if ordering online, you will be redirected to another website*

Is there a cheese that you'd like to see on this page? 

Contact us and let us know!


As delicious as great cheese is on its own, sometimes it's nice to have a little something extra to go with it! 

These are the different accompaniments Flight Cheese Shop is currently offering. 

For information on food/drink pairing or how to decide what to put on a charcuterie board, check out our resource pages!

NEW ARRIVAL: Creel & Gambrel Duck Prosciutto - Ontario

Beginning with humanely raised, cage free, Pekin ducks, Creel & Gambrel Duck Prosciutto is made exclusively from the breast meat of these ducks which is fully cured and aged in the controlled environment of a state of the art drying room. 

The result is a prosciutto-like product that can be enjoyed the same way as the famous Italian ham. Pair it with melon, cheese, or olives, and save the end pieces to render into a delicious cooking oil! 

Sold individually, $17.99 each 

RETURN (to) FLIGHT: Chorizo Bonbons - France

These snappy little cured meats are not only adorable, but delicious! Made from high quality cuts of pork, the meat is seasoned with paprika and are a fantastic choice for a cheese board. They have a touch of warmth, but aren’t very spicy at all. 

Sold in 100g packages, $9.95

Fried Marcona Almonds with Truffles - Spain

These are FRIED MARCONA ALMONDS WITH TRUFFLE from Antonio Romero. Marcona Almonds are a sweet, gourmet type of almond grown in Spain that has a growing popularity around the world, but more specifically in the Mediterranean. Their texture is almost closer to that of a macadamia nut, and they're shaped a little differently from your "standard" almonds. Nutritionally, there is a minimal difference between Marcona and regular almonds, but in FLAVOUR?! Now that's a whole other story.

Marcona almonds are much sweeter, more moist, and softer than your typical almond, and it has a more buttery flavour. When paired with the dusting of truffle salt on these bad boys. O.M.G. they are amazing. 

Sold in 225g jars, $18.99 each

NEW ARRIVAL: Gone Crackers - Blue Cheese Flavour - BC, Canada

Made on the West Coast of Canada without using any of the not-so-great stuff like hydrogenated oils, yeast, or sugar, the team at Gone Crackers focuses on using the highest quality ingredients with an artisanal flair to produce fine food. Enjoyed either on their own, or with cheeses, this hearty cracker is so delicious you can't stop eating them! They're sturdy enough for dips, but delicate enough that they don't overshadow your favourite cheeses or spreads. 

Sold in 5oz boxes, $8.99 each

Creel & Gambrel Peppercorn Salami

A favourite accompaniment to any cheese board, this peppercorn salami is a great way to switch it up from the usual. Coated in black peppercorns, this salami has a very enjoyable bite to go along with the lean and flavourful meat. It also looks beautiful cut up on your board! 

Sold in 200g pieces, $14.99 each

J. Hénaff Pate - France

This Country Style Pate from Breton, France has been made with the same traditional recipe since 1907. It's made with high quality pork from the region, balanced with the perfect amount of salt. 

Sometimes Pate can be really daunting to some people - especially if you've never had it before - but on a nice, crispy crostini with a thin slice of something pickled, it is a fantastic gourmet treat! 

Sold in jars, $8.95 each

Dalmatia Spreads

Dalmatia makes stunning spreads out of the coastal region of Croatia, where fruits, vegetables and olive oil are as fresh as they can be! They use only first-class fruits, with no bruising or damage, giving their spreads superior flavour and quality. Made with lots of love and care, these spreads are a fantastic option for your holiday boards. 

Flavour available: Chilli Fig (Spicy)

240g jars, $8.99 each

CanBech Quince Paste - Spain

Quince is a fruit that comes from the Mediterranean and is INCREDIBLY bitter and sour. The only way to make it palateable is to cook it down into a paste or jelly, where it becomes subtly sweet and light. These Quince pastes are perfect for Spanish cheeses such as Manchego or Monte Enebro, as well as your favourite cheddars or aged cheeses. Quince isn't very well known, but it'll quickly become your new favourite once you try it!

Original and Fig flavours are available. 

$11.99 each

34° Crisps - USA

If you've read our Charcuterie Guide, you'll know that the best way to show off a cheese is to have a mild cracker to go with it! These crisps are fantastic for showcasing your cheeses, because they're very thin, crisp, and tasty without being too flashy. 

So light. So crunchy. So addicting. 

Currently carrying Cracked Pepper and Chili/Olive Oil Flavours.

Sold in 127g packages, $5.99 

M. de Turenne Spreads - France

Coming from M. De Turenne, a fine foods producer in France, we have two delicious spreads!

Both jars are $9.99 each

Partner's Artisan Crackers - Olive Oil & Sea Salt

These delicious little crackers are great for serving with a selection of cheese! Not too thin, they're scoopable and dippable, and the flavour is mild enough to let the flavour of your cheese shine! They come in a small package, so they're perfect for a quick snack or as part of a selection to go with your charcuterie boards. 

Sold in 57g packages, $3.29 each

Snowdonia Chutney - UK

Handcrafted in traditional copper pans, Snowdonia chutneys are a fantastic accompaniment to your favourite cheeses. Slightly sweet, sticky and scrumptious, you won't be disappointed by these spreads!

Snowdonia's website claims that these chutneys are suitable for people who are vegetarian, vegan, celiac and do not contain nuts (however there are nuts processed in the same facility). For more information, visit their website.

Currently carrying Pear, Date, Cognac flavour.

114g jars for $7.49


Items we've carried in the past, but don't currently have in stock. 

Out of Stock:  Delice de Bourgogne - Burgundy, France

By popular request, Délice de Bourgogne has graced the fridge of Flight Cheese Shop! This cheese is a triple cream Brie from the Burgundy region in France, and it differentiates itself from other similar cheeses by the addition of crème fraiche during the cheesemaking process. It's a bloomy rind cheese, with flavour notes of mushroom, cream, butter and a pleasant tartness and saltiness. It's ultra-creamy and gooey, and a fantastic choice for the soft cheese lovers out there.

Sold by weight, $8.00/100g

Out of Stock: Smoked Gouda - Mountainoak, New Hamburg, Ontario

By popular request, we now have some Smoked Gouda in stock! 

This one in particular is from Mountainoak Farmstead Cheeses, a lovely cheesemaker specializing in Dutch-style Goudas. This is a mild gouda smoked over applewood chips, giving it a really lovely, balanced, smokey flavour. 

Sold in 225g packages, $12.99 each

Only one left

Out of Stock: Mauri Gorgonzola Dolce - Italy

Not your regular, every day Gorgonzola, this beauty comes from Mauri Fromaggi just outside of Milan in Italy. This cheese is produced with pasteurized cows milk from a single milking and aged in their caves for 60 days. It has a lovely green veining throughout the creamy paste and has a stunning, delicate sweetness to balance out the bite of the blue and its saltiness. 

Sold by weight, $7.20/100g 

Out of Stock: Cashel Blue - Ireland 

When Louis and Jane Grubb set out to make Cashel Blue in the early 1980s, their ambition was to create a farmhouse cheese that "truly represents the outstanding quality of Tipperary grass-fed milk". Today, 40 years later and in the hands of the second generation, Cashel Blue is still made by hand on the same 200 acre farm in Tipperary, Ireland. The cheese is big and bold, with strong blue flavour and a slight barnyard flavour profile. Not for the faint of heart, this cheese packs a big, blue punch!

Sold by weight, $12.20/100g 

Out of Stock: Pastore Sardo (Pecorino Sardo) - Italy

A Sardinian table cheese, this young pecorino is a delicate and savoury treat! Made from raw sheep's milk, the cheese is semi-firm, slightly acidic and salty, with a mild sweetness. Perfect as a snacking cheese, on an appetizer cheese board or served with a light-bodied red wine. 

Sold by weight, $8.30/100g

Out of Stock: Mimolette (24 Month) - France

It’s been aged for 24 months with the help of some little critters (bear with me) called cheese mites!! Don’t worry, it’s nothing like Casu Marzu (don’t google that if you’re squeamish) but the cheese mites lend Mimolette its characteristic flavour around the rind. It’s rumoured to be originally made by the request of Louis XIV who wanted a French product to replace the then popular Edam from the Netherlands. The cheese is super rich, crumbly and reminiscent of a reaaalllyyyy old cheddar or gouda. It’s coloured bright orange by the addition of annatto, a classic cheese ingredient in pretty much any orange cheese. The perfect cheese for you aged-cheese-fanatics!

Sold by weight, $12.50/100g

Out of Stock: El Tofio, Spain 

Originating from the Island of Lanzarote, this pasteurized goats cheese is lightly smoked over beechwood, giving it a subtle and delicious roasty toasty flavour. It's on the milder end of the spectrum, but sure to impress even the most discerning palate. Fantastic when served with your favourite beers, especially smoked. 

Sold by weight, $9.29/100g

Out of Stock: Prestige de Bourgogne - Burgundy, France

This luxurious triple cream cheese from the Burgundy region of France is a specialty of French gastronomy! Made from pasteurized cow's milk with the addition of cream, this is top notch for you ultra-creamy bloomy rind cheese lovers. It's slightly tart and lactic, but light and fresh. The texture is almost like a mousse - airy, yet decadently creamy. It's almost as if Chateau de Bourgogne and Delice de Bourgogne had a baby -- unctuous, creamy, and opulent, this is one you don't want to miss!

Sold by weight, $8.49/100g 

Out of Stock: Brillat Savarin - Burgundy, France

Brillat Savarin is a soft-ripened triple cream cow's milk cheese with a luxurious, creamy paste. Almost so good it can be considered a dessert cheese, the flavours are quite typical of triple creams, with notes of cream, buttery, mushroom and nuts closer to the rind. Pairs beautifully with any sparkling wine, but especially traditional method wines such as Champagne or Cava. 

Sold by weight, $10.00/100g

(Only ~200g left)

Out of Stock: Mattagami - Fromagerie Kapuskoise, Ontario

Mattagami is a firm, crumbly cheese produced up north in Kapuskasing. The cheesemaker was inspired by Cantal, an ancient French cheese that has its roots in the Roman empire. Aged for 1 year, this cheese is salty, rich and meaty in flavour with lots of umami. Try using it in place of Cheddar or Parmigiano Reggiano for a departure from the usual.

Pairs best with bold, tannic red wines.

Sold by weight, $10.30/100g 

Out of Stock: Murcia al Vino - Spain

Murcia al Vino, also known as "Drunken Goat", is a pasteurized goats milk cheese from Spain that's been soaked in red wine, giving it its beautiful burgundy coloured rind. It's semi-firm, with a fruity, slightly salty, and deliciously goat-y flavour. Pairs best with a medium bodied and fruity red wine, ideally from Spain, such as Tempranillo! 

The milk for this cheese comes from the Murciano-Granadina goat breed, known as the best milk producing breed in Spain! The milk gives this cheese a little bit of a decadent edge over your standards goats milk cheeses. 

Sold by weight, $7.50/100g 

Out of Stock: Madawaska - Back40 Cheeses, Mississippi Station, ON

Madawaska cheese is a fantastic soft cheese from about an hour north of Kingston. It's made with raw sheeps milk, and has a really wide variety of textures in one slice of cheese! The center is chalky and slightly tangy, and it's soft, sweet and slightly salty under the rind. Pairs beautifully with sparkling wines, Pinot Gris or a dry Riesling. 

Sold by weight, $9.15/100g 

Out of Stock: Crescenza Stracchino - Italy

This is an Italian cow's milk cheese typical of Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto and Liguria. It's eaten very young and fresh and has no rind. Its texture is very, very soft and creamy texture and is very mild in flavour. It's usually eaten on its own as a "table cheese", but is also used as a filing for some kinds of bread or in place of mozzarella on a pizza! Check out this link for 10 different recipes for Stracchino!

Sold in 250g packages for $19 each

Out of Stock: Roquefort Carles - France

The King of Blues, this stunning Roquefort is made from the raw milk of Laucaune sheep and aged in the limestone caves of Combalou, France. This big and beautiful blue is ultra creamy, salty and full of pristine blue flavour - no extra flavourings, barnyard notes or funk. Just straight up amazing blue! Roquefort has been around for centuries; Julius Caesar has been rumoured to encounter it in the first century BC during their conquest of Gaul, and its arguably one of the most famous cheeses worldwide. 

(Maybe not so) FUN FACT: When Roquefort is being aged in the limestone caves, the wheels are actually placed inside of Dark Rye Bread loaves, which lends the cheese its unique flavour. This also means that Roquefort isn't suitable for those who have issues with consuming gluten. 

Sold by weight, $13.00/100g 

Out of Stock: Langres - France

Langres is a soft, washed rind cheese from the Champagne region in France. One of the huge tenets of pairings is "what grows together goes together", and this cheese is a fantastic example of that! The best way to serve Langres is by pouring some Champagne (or any traditional method sparkling wine) over the cheese and enjoying a glass of the wine with it. This cheese has a small dimple on the top, formally known as the "fontaine" (fountain in French, if you see where we're going with this) which is where you pour about 4oz of the wine onto the cheese and let it flow down around the wheel before you cut into it. The bubbles in the wine balance out the salty, fudgy richness of the cheese and compliment its funky, yeasty, biscuity flavour that is concentrated on the rind. 

Sold individually, $19.99 each

Out of Stock: Ricotta Salata - Italy

This lovely cheese is from Sicily, Italy and is the older sister of the popular Ricotta cheese! The word "Ricotta" means re-cooked and "Salata" means salted. This cheese is from the whey from sheep milk which is pressed, salted and aged for at least 90 days. It's milky white with a firm texture and salty taste. Great substitution for feta!

Sold by weight, $6.70/100g 

Out of Stock: St. Agur - France

Made with pasteurized cow's milk, St. Agur is a one-of-a-kind blue! Soft and creamy, this blue packs a punch. Officially, St. Agur is a double-cream cheese because of the addition of cream during the cheesemaking process. St. Agur isn't quite as salty as other blues such as Roquefort or Stilton, but it's incredibly balanced, ensuring a fantastic flavour with each bite. 

Sold by weight, $10.50/100g

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Out of Stock: Burrata - Italy

A real treat for the fresh cheese lovers out there, Burrata is an Italian classic. Fresh stretched mozzarella is filled with stracciatella - a mixture of the scraps of mozzarella and cream - which oozes out of the cheese with every bite. Best served with other Italian classics, this cheese is not only impressive, but incredibly delicious. Handmade in Italy, this heavenly little delight is the perfect treat. Serve with a high-quality olive oil and flaky salt. 

Sold in 100g pieces, $6.99 each (no head)

Out of Stock: Chic! Fondue with Whiskey - Quebec

The versatility of a delicious fondue dish knows no limits! This Fondue kit is deliciously blended with Whiskey from Distillerie St. Laurent, winner of the gold medal at the prestigious International Spirits competition (2022). Bold and delicious, this fondue shows full-bodied, long-lasting smooth flavours. 

Chic! Fondue is a 125g microwavable fondue kit that is incredibly easy to make. Either eat it as is with dippers, or use in a recipe. Check out their website here for recipe inspiration and more information!

Sold individually, $11.99 each 

Out of Stock: Jalapeno Peppercorn Cheddar - Creel & Gambrel, Ontario

Creel & Gambrel Jalapeño Peppercorn Cheddar takes rich Ontario cheddar and elevates it to new levels by adding a medley of real Jalapeño peppers and red peppercorns for an irresistible spicy flavor. Pressed into blocks for aging, this savoury cheddar cheese is easy to shred, slice, or cut into cubes.

Creel & Gambrel Jalapeño Peppercorn Cheddar is a mandatory ingredient for any Tex-Mex cuisine, while other popular uses include slicing for burgers, melting for sauces, and making spicy cheddar dips for appetizers.

Pairs best with a big, bold IPA. 

Sold by weight, $5.50/100g

Out of Stock: Truffle Pecorino - Creel & Gambrel, Kingston, Ontario

There's a new truffle cheese in town.. literally! This is Creel & Gambrel's new Truffle Pecorino. Unlike most other truffle cheeses I've carried, this one has truffle SHAVINGS (not just flecks) throughout the sheep milk cheese and has a punchy, salty bite. This is a fantastic cheese for snacking, grating over pizza, pasta, or salads, or on POPCORN. (#IYKYK) 

Sold by weight, $13.50/100g 

Out of Stock: Wakusimi - Kapuskasing, Ontario

Dare I say this cheese may have eclipsed Kapuskasing as my favourite cheese from Fromagerie Kapuskoise?! 

Wakusimi is a pressed cheese made from pasteurized cows milk with beautiful vegetable ash veining throughout its paste. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, this cheese is delicious. It tastes as if Kapuskasing and an aged cheddar had a baby - flavours of milk, salt, subtle earthiness and a touch of acidity, this cheese is nothing but a pleasure to snack on! It has a very similar texture to Kapuskasing as well, but maybe a touch less moisture. Enjoy this cheese with some fresh fruit or spreads, and you'll have an incredibly delectable snack on your hands that certainly won't last long!!! 

Sold by weight, $10.00/100g

Out of Stock: Monte Enebro - Spain

Full flavoured and boldly goaty, Monte Enebro is a stunning goats milk cheese from just outside of Madrid in Spain. The rind of the cheese is not covered in ash as its appearance may seem, but it's actually ripened with pennicilium roqueforti - the same mold used in many blue cheeses! The main difference, is that instead of inoculating the cheese and spreading the mold throughout the interior, it is just used on the exterior, giving the cheese a spicy, peppercorn-like bite to complement the robust paste. Monte Enebro is only made by one producer in Spain, and has won countless awards around the world. Lovers of Grey Owl will surely appreciate this one!

Sold by weight, $7.29/100g 

Out of Stock: Black Olive Manchego - Spain

Visually exciting and deliciously savoury, this Manchego-style cheese from Spain is made with a black olive tapenade veining throughout its paste. The flavour of the cheese itself is pretty bang on for a typical Manchego, however the black olives give it a salty, umami and super savoury flavour. Definitely my favourite of the flavoured Manchegos I've carried in the past!

Sold by weight, $7.50/100g 

Out of Stock: Kaamps Maple Whiskey Gouda - Netherlands

A unique specialty from Kaamps, one of the few remaining Dutch farmstead creameries, this delicious cheese is made with the addition of Maple Syrup Whiskey, giving it a subtle, nutty/woody/sweet background flavour. The cheese is mild and is a fantastic choice for a cheese board or a grilled cheese!

Sold by weight, $9.50/100g 

Out of Stock: Truffle Tremor - California, USA

Coming from Cypress Grove in Humboldt County, California, Truffle Tremor is a flavour powerhouse of ripened goat cheese. This bloomy rind cheese is quite brie-like, but with stunning flakes of black truffle spotted throughout its paste. 

If you love Humboldt Fog and Truffles, this is the cheese for you! 

Pairs best with Dark beers, Moscato, Riesling or Gewurztraminer. Serve it with candied orange and a port wine for a simple yet decadent dessert. 

Sold by weight, $15.00/100g 

Out of Stock: Kaiser Raclette - Quebec

In keeping with his Swiss heritage, Mr. Fritz Kaiser is a master of Raclette cheese-making. This beautiful cheese is a semi-soft, surface-ripened cheese that is aged for approximately 8 weeks. It has a subtle flavour of hazelnut, with notes of milk and butter. It's name originates from the French word 'racler', meaning 'to scrape', which is a reference to scraping the melted cheese from the wheel, onto potatoes. To see a video, click here!

Not necessarily meant to be on a cheese board, try Raclette as a fondue or melted on your favourite dishes alongside a dry White wine. 

Raclette is best when served melted on a raclette machine and served with fruits, veggies, meats and bread. It makes for a fantastic dinner party where all your guests get to participate in the making of the meal! We rent raclette machines and have a thorough guide on what it is! 

Sold by weight, $5.30/100g