Cheese Boards

Check out the different options we have available!

Looking for something special to serve at a get together? Look no further!

In Flight Features are a easy and casual way to try some new cheeses! Served in a plastic clamshell container, they will serve 2-3 people and include:

  • 6 different types of cheeses (about 200g total)

Along with descriptions and pairing suggestions.

Cheeses cannot be customized, and will vary with each order.

$19 (HST included)

To order, click here.

*Note, you will be redirected to a different website to order!

Flight Cheese Boxes are an upgraded version of the In Flight Features. Served in a sustainable wooden box, these will serve up to 6 people and include:

  • 4 types of cheese (about 500g)

  • Meats

  • Crackers

  • Chutney

  • Fresh fruit

Along with descriptions and pairing suggestions.

Contents can be customized, but are dependent on availability. Contact us for requests.


To order, click here.

*Note, you will be redirected to a different website to order!

Custom Boxes have much more flexibility!

Serving 10 people? 20? 100?? Cozy date night for 2? We can make it work for you!

We can assemble a custom order in one of our 9x9" wooden boxes, one of your serving platters that can be dropped off to us before pickup, or we can purchase you a new board.

The cost of a custom box revolves around your ideal budget, and cheeses, meats, fruits, chutneys, crackers and other accompaniments will be determined based on what you want to pay. We'll never go over that budget, and if it comes in under budget, you'll only be charged for the cost of everything included.

To order a custom board or box, send us an email ( with your desired date + time for pickup, your budget, and any preferences you may have.

Custom orders require at least 48 hours notice.

Custom Wine & Cheese Pairing Event

Looking for something special to do with some friends or family?

Flight Cheese Shop can put together a comprehensive Wine & Cheese Pairing Event for you from the comfort of your own home!

This includes:

  • Cheeses & accompaniments

  • A list of wines to purchase at the LCBO

  • A private one-on-one session with Emma to guide you through your pairings on a date of your choice

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, the event will be done via Zoom, and the cheese can either be picked up at Flight or delivered within the Greater Kingston Area for an additional fee.

This event can be done for up to 30 people. Minimum 2 week's notice required.

Contact us to chat about how we can create an event for you!